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Wrest Park

15th June 2024

8.30am from Memorial Court

Excludes Entry Fees, etc.

Pickup Times

Wrest Park
Saturday 15th June - 8.30am from Northwich
Other pick-up points available
£30.00 - book online at or call 07932927694

We spend the day at Wrest Park (EH). Wrest Park belonged to the powerful de Grey family, Earls of Kent, from 1280 into the 19th century. The present house here was built in 1834 and is the third on this site. It is a rare example in England of the French chateau style of architecture - built, not surprisingly, by a French architect.

The house was used in the early 19th century as a residence for the US Ambassador, but it is now used by the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering.with the state rooms open to visitors. Discover over 90 acres of beautiful gardens showcasing French, Dutch, Italian and English styles side by side. Fancy French curves and bold Italian geometry provide an opportunity for contrast through our dynamic bedding displays.

Keep an eye out for hidden gems in the gardens. These include an ornate marble fountain, the 18th century Bowling Green House, a Chinese Temple and Bridge and over 40 statues dotted around the grounds. The Chinese Temple and Bridge originally formed part of a tableau imitating scenes found on Chinese willow pattern plates. The Long Water is encased on either side by walkways leading to the spectacular Archer Pavilion. Built by Thomas Archer between 1709-11, this baroque pavilion, with its stunning interior, is the focal point of the gardens. The dairy which used to supply butter and cream for the de Grey family, was converted into an gallery, bringing together precious garden statues too fragile to remain outside. Look out for a magnificent Portland Stone Neptune and an elegant bronze sundial from 1682.


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