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Leominster and Hampton Court Castle

21st July 2024

8.30am from Memorial Court

Excludes Entry Fees, etc.

Pickup Times

Leominster & Hampton Court Castle
Sunday 21st July - 8.30am from Northwich
Other pick-up points available
£28.00 - book online or call 07932927694

Leominster is situated in the rolling countryside of North Herefordshire and lies in the beautiful and historic borderlands of England and Wales known as the “Marches”. The town itself is an ancient one, having established itself around the great Anglo-Saxon abbey, founded in 660 AD. Much of the town centre still retains its medieval and Tudor flavour. Attractions include the Leominster Museum, Leominster Priory and Grange Court.

After lunch we visit Hampton Court Castle. The Castle has been through an immense journey over the centuries. The oldest parts, including the Chapel, date back to 1427. It remained in the Coningsby family, a prominent noble Herefordshire family, until the early 19th Century when the estate was purchased by Richard Arkwright, the son of the famous inventor. It was rescued in the 1990s by the American millionaire, Robert Van Kampen, who extensively restored the Castle and added his own influence to the existing furnishings.

Surrounded by original Victorian walls, the ornamental Kitchen Garden is one of the first areas you’ll come to on arrival. The Rose Garden is adorned with sweet-smelling and colourful blooms,. The Dutch Garden has beautiful symmetry and a striking water feature. You’ll also notice the gothic tower at the centre of the maze of 1,000 yew trees, and the Sunken Garden can be reached by wandering down a path of cascading stepping stones.

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