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Lecture: Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh

19th January 2016


Hartford Methodist Church Hall
Beach Road


No name is more resonant of the ‘Freedom’ of the Modern Artist than that of Paul Gauguin. He gave up family life, a successful career as a stockbroker, and the comforts of ‘civilization’ in pursuit of a greater truth and a more meaningful life, and that is his myth and the foundation of his reputation.


The actuality is very far from the myth, of course, and would be enough to make anyone think twice before making the leap.


The pictures are a different story - full of colour and the exotic, anti-materialistic and ‘primative’, they do seem to advertise a purer alternative to Modern Life, and that is the secret of their success. This lecture looks at all phases of Gauguin’s stylistic development, his great innovations, his scurrilous life and his lasting influence.


Vincent van Gogh shared many of Gauguin’s ambitions for Art, and for Life. Unpredictably successful in Art, his personal and emotional life is a series of tragedies, which are, naturally, the reason for his enduring reputation, and, to a very great extent, for his raw and irresistible painting. Typically, his success did not come in his own lifetime, or, at least, financial success eluded him even though a growing critical acclaim was evident before his premature, and self-inflicted, death.


This lecture examines Man, Myth and Metier.


2.00pm - £5.00 including refreshments.

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